Words are the leaves of the tree of language, of which,

if some fall away, a new succession takes their place.
- John French



Almudena is a company that ensures professional and high quality translating and proofreading services where deadlines are met with outmost punctuality. We respect each order with which we wish to surpass our own translating limits and erect even higher standards of quality.

Almudena unites a team of young, creative and ambitious professional translators (there are also native speakers amongst them) and proof-readers, qualified for their work with many years of experience in different areas of expertise and language combinations. Translating and proofreading does not only mean that it is a career for them but also a way of thinking and an opportunity to function creatively in the modern world.

The value system that the organizational culture of the employees is based on ensures harmonious and continuous development of the employees, their services and customer satisfaction.


The fundamental values at Almudena are:

  • A quality offer, which is a reflection of respecting professional standards,
  • Customer satisfaction and long-term attachment,
  • A clear vision for the professional development of the employees and agency,
  • Management excellence and employee loyalty,
  • Respecting the principles of business ethics,
  • Obligation to protect customer business secrets and confidential information,
  • Responsibility for the quality of the services and respecting deadlines,
  • Transparency of business operations.


Almudena, Translation Services

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