Slovenia has 1 official language,

2 minority languages and 46 dialects.



We live in a time when having knowledge of foreign languages; foreign cultures and international adaptation are factors that are becoming more and more important for success in the business world as well as in our private lives. Language is the primary tool for global interconnectedness and a means for competitive advantages of every company and individual. Transnational companies are especially becoming more and more aware of how important global co-ordination is as a source of competitive advantage and language remains as the last obstacle on the journey towards international harmonization. Today, company success especially depends on the quality, the efficiency and the method of communication with partners, consumers and customers.

At Almudena we are aware of the fact that your documents are a reflection of your company. Our task is to precisely translate the words and the ideas behind, so we can help you achieve the correct impression and success.

Companies are subject to short deadlines, flexibility, international competition and fast communication everyday and the advantage that stands out can only be achieved by companies that are capable of adapting to quick changes on the market and capable of conquering them as quickly as possible. And we offer you this advantage at Almudena: fast, high-quality, professional, precise and thoroughly worked out translation and proofreading services at competitive prices.



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